How to discover the defects of the house that the seller has kept hidden from you

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Buying a house is not like buying a dress or an appliance, a bicycle, a motorbike or a car. And not just because the investment is ten, a hundred, a thousand times higher, but also because a home is often forever. And buying the one closest to perfection and to our needs, today and tomorrow, is essential. This is why if every expense must be well evaluated, especially in difficult times so as not to throw money out the window, the purchase of a property must be put under the magnifying glass, to verify that everything is really as we had dreamed it, that the house we fell in love with, perhaps at first sight (which is often very dangerous ….) does not hide possible very bad “betrayals!

Rule no. 1: avoid falling in love at first sight that only show the positive aspects of the house, instead making an effort in every way to see the possible critical points

Rule no. 2: visit the property several times at different times, even on rainy and sunny days, with the help of a technician to evaluate any discrepancies or defects in order to see the house from every point of view.

Rule no. 3: immediately evaluate the exposure of the house and if it is sunny, identifying where the sun rises and any views, opening all the windows, letting your gaze wander to understand which panorama the different panoramas offer, in the knowledge that a the thing is to wander every day towards other buildings or the greenery and another on the ring road…

Rule no. 4: imagine the house “projected into the future”, not limiting itself to evaluating whether sizes, subdivision of rooms, garden or courtyard, terraces, parking spaces, meet our needs today, but those when, maybe there will be children, or when, maybe we will have become old (in this case, for example, what at 25 seemed like a trifle, like not having an elevator, at 75, perhaps with some ailments, can become a very serious problem…). Without ever forgetting that, in the future, the house could be sold or split up, to accommodate the parents or the new family of a child, so it is highly advisable to provide adequate technical measures today, such as predispositions and connection of the utilities.


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