Do-it-yourself home staging

Cash buyers are famous for selling the home

It is not necessary to rely on industry experts to use the home staging technique: in fact, some precautions can also be taken independently to set up the house in the best possible way and make it attractive for the largest possible number of potential buyers.

Here are some tips to enhance your home with DIY home staging and gain the opportunity to sell your home faster and with higher revenues

The entrance is the business card of the house

When thinking about the care of the house and its fitting out, the entrance could be left in the background , but it is inadvisable from here potential buyers will be welcomed and pay attention to how important the doorbell and any plates that accompany it are . The entrance must allow those who enter the house to immediately get an idea of ​​what awaits them in the following rooms: therefore, furniture and accessories that are too bulky, which prevent you from looking beyond the entrance, must be eliminated. In the event that the entrance is a very small space, one solution could be to hang a large mirror on the wall, which will reflect the light and help make the room more airy.

Make room in the house and free it from personal items

A fundamental trick to adopt to present your home to visitors in the best possible way is to give it a clean and tidy appearance . This, in concrete terms, will be achieved through the elimination of all those excessive or too personal accessories or furnishing accessories, which would clutter up the house, leaving little room for imagination for the visitor. The house should appear as similar as possible to the environments usually seen in furnishing catalogues: welcoming and ready to be lived in, but without any personal characteristics.

Kitchen and bathroom are protagonists of the house

For many potential buyers, the bathroom and the kitchen are two very important elements in a house , the conditions of which greatly influence the overall valuation of the entire property. The cleanliness and order of all the appliances left visible in the kitchen will therefore be essential, as will the choice of furniture: replace, for example, a table that is too bulky for a small space with a solution that makes it seem more spacious, such as a simple counter with stools.


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